About Us

The Non Profit Organization Penthesileia was established by a team of social scientists who have studied women's issues and have wide experience in advising, supporting , career counseling ,women and vulnerable social groups in general.

Penthesileia was created in order to offer services in women and other vulnerable groups that experience social racism of any type. Also, the purpose of the organization is to strengthen and enhance the social position of women utilizing the full potential of the internet and also organizing in regular intervals-actions such as public debates, lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars, support groups and advisory/counceling groups.



The organization's management consists of a group of social scientists with experience in counseling individuals and groups. The two founding members of the organization are representatives / managers equally, applying the principles of equality and equal opportunities. In the spirit of consensus which underpins all our activities, please contact any of our representatives.


Despina Kanellopoulou is a Social Worker, graduate of the department of Social Work School of Health and Welfare of the Institute Athens. She has several years experience in Mental Health, in providing support to mentally ill people and their families through individual counseling therapy and also psycho-training groups. Also, she has worked as an instructor training staff in Mental Health Units and today continues to work in Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit. She has also worked in the field of managing European Projects as project manager associated with the support of vulnerable groups such as elderly, immigrants, women etc.

Nikoletta Ntelli has a degree in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology (specialization in Psychology) and a Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Career Guidance from the National University of Athens and a Professional Diploma in Human Resources Management from the Greek Management Association. She has an extensive experience and has worked as a Consultant / Advisor Career with different social groups (women, teenagers, students, people with disabilities, ex-users, etc.) and as Project Manager in European Projects related to Education, Development, Vocational Training etc. She has also received extensive training in implementation and interpretation of psychometric tools such as questionnaires of ability, skills, values, interests, etc.