The Story of the name Penthesileia

In Greek mythology, Penthesileia was the queen of the Amazons and daughter of the God of war Mars and Otriris. Her kingdom goes back to the era of the Trojan War while in the era of Hercules, Queen of the Amazons was Ippoliti.

After the death of Hector in the Trojan War, Penthesileia came "from distant Sea" to help the Trojans leading an army of Amazons. The king of Troy, Priam, accepted Penthesileia as if she were his true daughter prepared a rich table for her. Penthesileia and her Amazons excelled in battle. Chased the enemy to his ships, but ultimately Penthesileia was wounded mortally by Achilles.

Penthesileia death has been described in detail in the "Heroines" by Ovid and Virgil's Aeneid: Towards the end of the Trojan War, Achilles came face to face withPenthesileia who fought wearing military mask and threw at him her spear, which was broken when hit Achilles’ shield. Penthesileia threw a second spear, without hurting him. Achilles then managed to fatally injured her in the chest and then he went around and pulled the mask from her face. The emotion of the hero was obvious to all. Penthesileia’s beauty filled him with melancholy as shortly before this beautiful woman died,, their looks crossed and Achilles felt overwhelmed by an instantaneous love for the beautiful Amazon. However, it was too late (Achilles had already made his choice) and as life leaves this desirable body tightening in his arms, he bursts into tears because he would never gain the woman he fell in love with. Achilles had taken the irrevocable path without Penthesileia and will never know how life would be with her. Besides, we will never know the development of the Trojan War, if Achilles decided to leave with her and let his comrades left alone in the valley of Ilion.

The moment we stand indecisive at the crossroads of our erotic decisions, our choices are next to each other. We can weight their heaviness in our hands .The thought to leave the one for the sake of the other nails us . We Look for help as we are making projections into the future. But as we try to imagine ourselves back in time, only unclear images come from where that might not even belong to us.

Is there a way, every time we stand embarrassed, insecure and emotionally overexcited ahead at the crossroads of our lives, to make the right movement ?

One thing is certain: each choice ,leads us to a different branch of the tree of our life. We will never have the opportunity to know how it will be , if we had chosen , not to kill Penthesileia. There is no other way to determine whether we would be better, because there is no comparison. It is not possible to compare the reality with the potential landscape of another our course.

Life is a unique event that we live only once and we need, whenever we pause at the crossroads, to "kill" one of our choices ....