Training Course 25th of July -01 August 2018, Athens, Greece

Implementing and hosting by Pentheseleia Association

Penthesileia Association is implementing the Project “ENtellingece” under Erasmus+ funding and with participation of young volunteers from Greece, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain.

The project has to do with professional development which helps build and maintain morale  youth workers . The main scope of this activity is  to improve the quality of work within youth organization and organizations for youth. We believe that supporting educators in their professional development leads to improved outcomes for learners.

The main   Project’s objectives are :

- To develop and reinforce the skills necessary for effective communication: assertive verbal and non-verbal expression of thoughts and emotions, active listening and empathy;

- To introduce the skill of creative empathy as the element in communication that gives the deeper understanding and provides greater care for the ones youth workers communicate to or with;

- To strengthen the capacities of participants to effectively and efficiently meet the challenges in communication through the implementation of programmes for youth that involves interactions with other youth workers and young people (especially if these young people come from marginalized groups);

-To create and promote project Compendium on the topic of creative empathy as a tool for communication in youth work