Penthesileia NGO participated to InterMobMobility for Integration: Lifelong Learning Programme - LEONARDO DA VINCI project - Mobility for teachers/trainers in Vocational Education and vocational training (VETPRO).


During project implementation 20 beneficiaries of the project specific cultural mediators, trainers, teachers of primary and secondary school involved in support and integration of immigrant students, professional operators of relevant public services (such as social health territorial services) had the chance to  consider the fundamental role of professional resources, both public and private, within the educational system, social-health local services and training institutions in European Countries for Immigrants


Also the beneficiaries had to consider extremely relevant operators competences, most of all on key issues about immigrants integration, promoting practices and experiences sharing and verifying with other EU countries. Some main questions were the following:

1. What are first welcoming used procedures and tools (is there a standard protocol for integration management?) 

2. What are instruments for second language teaching and how migrant’s incoming skills are measured? 

3. What are tools used for involve families in the welcoming of newly arrived immigrants (are there groups of mutual support within school and social context?) 

4. What are instruments to validate formal and non formal competences of mediators and facilitators in EU countries?